Guidance Counselor's Corner

Ms. Malcolm,

Guidance Counselor 

A Message from The Guidance Counselor

Dear Parents/Guardians:


Greetings and welcome to P.S. 201.  We are committed to a strong educational program that promotes academic and personal growth for all of our students.  Each student will become productive, responsible, confident individuals with strong academic foundation and the ability to make intelligent choices.  Our goal is to cultivate a sense of pride in all of our students, our school and community.  Every staff member, parent, and other members of the community share this philosophy.  We have implemented a variety of programs and frameworks that will help your child be the best they can be while attending our school.



Ms. Malcolm

Guidance Counselor

Mrs. Malcolm's Counseling Suite & SEL Library Share

School Counselor Spotlight

Here at P.S. 201, we are striving to have our students become advocate for themselves.  One of the coping strategies they are being taught is Positive Affirmations.  Practicing positive affirmations are a powerful way to support social-emotional learning with your child. This coping strategy is effective in helping individuals navigate through uncertainty, manage tough emotions, and persevere through challenges. When used on a regular basis, it can help build confidence, reduce stress, and promote a sense of happiness overall. The next time you or your child need a boost of confidence or assurance, give these solutions a try.

Coping Strategies to Support You and Your Students’ Social-Emotional Wellbeing

When you and your child could use a pick-me-up, try one of these strategies.

5. If you as a parent/guardian are having a rough day…Recite a positive affirmation to yourself to help you re-center, feel confident, and stay calm. Here are a few affirmations you might try:

Guidance  Programs

Sanford Harmony

Imagine a classroom where students are empowered to connect, communicate, collaborate, embrace diversity, and resolve conflict. Welcome to Sanford Harmony—a social-emotional program that builds strong classroom relationships and supportive learning communities.

The goal of Harmony is to integrate the evidenced-based strategies of Meet Up and Buddy Up and grade level lessons and activities into classroom schedules — and promote the development of today’s students into respectful, compassionate, and caring adults for the future.

Kids At Hope

Kids at Hope is not another program; it is first and foremost a belief system, supported by a cultural strategy and then enhanced by programs. Kids at Hope’s vision is that every child is afforded the belief, guidance and encouragement that creates a sense of hope and optimism, supported by a course of action needed to experience success at life’s four major destinations: Home & Family; Education & Career; Community & Service; and Hobbies & Recreation. Kids at Hope inspires, empowers and transforms schools, organizations serving youth and entire communities to create an environment and culture where all children experience success, ​NO EXCEPTIONS​!