A Word From The Principal

Principal Serin

Umit Serin


(718) 359-0620 userin@schools.nyc.gov
Dear P.S. 201 Q Families, Welcome to the 2023-24 school year at PS201Q, where we are creating the future for our students full STEAM ahead!
I feel extremely fortunate to be the principal of a school with such wonderful children, a motivated and dedicated staff, and families who partner with us to create an environment that facilitates student learning through a wide variety of innovative and collaborative methods and activities. Our faculty and staff are highly committed to providing the most rewarding education possible and making the process of learning an enjoyable experience. Your child's education is our top priority! We look forward to working together with you to make your child’s educational experience a positive one.
This school year, we will work to build strong foundations for our students that support critical learning and innovation through high levels of student engagement, collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving and student ownership of their learning. Our mission is to always encourage and educate students to be confident, knowledgeable, responsible and productive citizens in an ever-changing world. We will work diligently to instill in our students the love for reading. It is with your assistance that we will be able to accomplish this task.
We are a 3K to Grade 5 elementary school that strives to provide the best educational opportunities for all of our students. We continue to make progress towards creating a more personalized learning environment so that we can appropriately challenge each student and facilitate growth by leveraging individual interests, passions, and strengths. To accomplish this, our staff utilizes various teaching techniques to meet the student’s individualized learning styles and needs. 21st century technology such as STEAM programs and Google classroom as well as online learning platforms such as iReady and Raz Kids enhance our daily instruction and student engagement.
We are extremely proud of our Social Emotional Learning (SEL) program – Sanford Harmony. Each month, a positive character trait is highlighted, and students who exemplify that trait may be nominated from their class to become the “Student of the Month”. Students are honored by having their picture displayed in the foyer of the building.
We recognize and celebrate the diverse student and staff population that we have in our school. Throughout the school year, we celebrate our community through writing, artwork, assemblies, projects and other cultural activities.
As the school year progresses, you will come to realize that I am your child’s biggest advocate here in school. I will work tirelessly to ensure that they are provided with the support and resources to be happy, healthy and successful here and will provide an atmosphere that is positive, caring and focused on learning, which are my top priorities. Their journey will be one that I truly hope they will enjoy and look forward to on a day-to-day basis.
Parents, you play such an integral part of this journey. I ask that each day you take time to discuss how your child’s day went at the school. To review homework with them and to ensure that they get enough sleep and are prepared for the challenges that awaits them during the next school day. I ask the students to come to school each day with their minds and thoughts set for learning.
Parent and community support is always welcome. Throughout the year, exciting things are happening in our school and in our community. We encourage you to become involved by joining our monthly Parent Chats, volunteering at our school activities, and taking an active role in your child’s education. Please reach out to our Parent Coordinator, Pei-Hsia Wang to learn more about how you can support our school community.
Let us all work together to ensure a great 2023-24 school year! My door is always open for new ideas and suggestions.
Respectfully,Umit Serin, Principal