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Mission and Vision Statements

Mission Statement

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At P.S. 201Q, we use an inquiry-based approach to learning that is aligned with 21st century thinking. We believe as a school, we must build strong foundations that support critical learning and innovation through high levels of student engagement, collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving and student ownership of their learning. We believe that in order to foster productive citizens of the world, we must incorporate in these strong foundations a focus on social/emotional supports as well as cultural and civic responsibilities. We must also ensure that we foster our beliefs in equity, in meeting the diverse needs of our learners and providing access through supports, resources and high expectations for all students. We believe that we learn and grow as a school when we engage in inquiry to support our professional growth. We believe that we will learn and grow as a school through effective use of data, strategic planning and delivery of professional learning opportunities designed to the learning needs of individual staff members.  We believe that in order to nurture strong roots and a strong school, we must work alongside our families and foster meaningful partnerships that support student achievement and build successful pathways towards college, careers and beyond.

Vision Statement

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We will build 21st century thinking skills through:


  •  building strong foundations and opportunities that support high levels of student engagement, critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, student ownership and agency of their learning

  • integrating social/emotional support as well as cultural and civic responsibilities

  • fostering our beliefs in equity through purposeful and effective monitoring systems and the strategic and consistent use of data to support decision making

  • structured, strategic planning and effective delivery of professional learning opportunities which include inquiry work that support our professional growth

  • investing in family and community relationships to build successful pathways toward college, careers and beyond

  • fostering and involving cultural contexts within learning

PS201- Creating the Future...Full Steam Ahead!

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