Week of June 25, 2018

Summer Vacation! : We cannot thank you enough for your hard work and dedication! Words cannot express how grateful we are for having such great faculty and staff! It is safe to say that this year has been "different" and "challenging"- especially the past three weeks. We were presented with choices that, as a school community, we have not been presented before. I am hopeful that, together, we will pull through. Please know that, behind scenes, I am fighting with all I have to ensure that we keep all of our members.

Fifth Grade Graduation: Thank you to everyone who made fifth grade graduation a success! Our students are so lucky to have such caring staff members!

Have a restful and enjoyable summer. Please take time to recharge and spend time with your loved ones.

Last Day Dismissal : Tuesday, June 26. Teachers should remain with their students at lunch.

Lunch I: 9:55-10:15 (Rooms: 118, 138, 217, 213, 218, 227, 201, 226, 242)

Lunch II: 10:20-10:40 (Rooms: 238, 216, 202, 203, 240, 304, 317, 302)

Lunch III: 10:45-11:05 (Rooms: 303, 306,300, 318, 301, 313, 316)

Pre-K will eat in their classroom at 10:25 A.M.

Dismissal: Regular Exits

Grade PreK – 1 : 11:15 AM

Grade 2 – 5: 11:25 AM

Bus Students: 11:25 AM

**Bus children report to the auditorium at 11:20 AM

Staff: Please take lunch from 11:30-12:30pm

Please do not dismiss prior to scheduled time.

Bulletin Boards:  Please note that all bulletin boards need to be taken down for summer cleaning. They can be replaced in August.

Custodial Concerns: Please do not fill the garbage bags to capacity. Our custodial staff are not able to lift them. Barry is willing to provide you with bags that can be filled and managed more easily.

Hiring Committee: You will be notified with dates and time regarding new interviews. We will try to fill all the positions next week.

Curriculum Committee: We will meet on the 28th and 29th as a committee to continue to work on 2018-19 curriculum.