Week of April 16, 2018

Welcome to our weekly updates page! Every Friday, I post news, reflections and upcoming events on this page . The page is password protected and is only available to P.S. 201 staff members.

  • Our testing program ran smoothly, children felt confident taking the assessment! Thank you for your hard work and dedication in preparing our students for the ELA test!

National Assistant Principals Week: This past week was National Assistant Principals Week!  I truly appreciate all our wonderful assistant principals do for you, our students and our parents. Please take a moment to thank our outstanding assistant principals for the great job they do each and every day- sometimes 24/7!

Signing on to the P.S. 201 Website:  Please create an account to have access to our P.S.201 website. To sign up, follow the steps below:

Please create an account to have access to our P.S.201 website. To sign up, follow the steps below:

  • Go to www.ps201.org

  • Click on "Log In" (Top-right-under the facebook and remind logos)

  • Enter your P.S. 201 e-mail.

  • Enter a password ( You can use the same password as your ps201 e-mail password to have one less password to remember )

  • Retype password

  • You won't have access to the website until I approve your request. Once your request is approved, you will be able to access the parts that are password protected on the website.

P.S. 201 Data Portal: I have created accounts for you to logon to the data portal. Your username is your initial and last name (i.e. userin). I will share with you your password during our PL time on Monday. I will also show you how to enter reading levels for your students on the data portal.

New Sign-Out Page:  I put together a new sign-out page for the auditorium, laptops and iPads!  Please use this link from now on to reserve space in the auditorium. Reservation Page

Preference Sheets:  If you have not done so already, please complete the 2018-2019 Preference Sheet by Friday, May 11th.  Cluster postings will be up shortly.

After School Programs: We will have a morning and after school math and ELA after school programs for our 3rd and 4th grade students. We will post the positions in the main office on Tuesday.

Kinvolved App: In an effort to improve attendance and parent communication, we purchased the Kinvolved Application. As soon as we have access to the program, teachers will take a quick attendance right after they pick up their students from the gym or the auditorium, using the app. As soon as attendance taken, teachers will click on "save and send" so that parents are notified via a text message. We hope to address the tardiness by taking attendance as soon as teachers enter their classrooms. A letter will go out to parents informing them of the upcoming changes to our attendance policy. We will share the memo with you as well.

Student Arrival and Breakfast: A letter will go out to parents informing them of some of the changes to the Breakfast Program here at P.S.201. Effective Wednesday, the cafeteria will be open for breakfast from 7:30 to 8:05 a.m. At 8:05 a.m., the cafeteria will stop serving breakfast. Students will head to the auditorium and the gym at 8:06 a.m. Teachers will pick up students at the auditorium and the gym at 8:10 a.m. Any student who arrives to the school after 8:10 will be marked late.

Lateness Policy: Students who arrive to school after 8:10, will be directed to their classroom. We will no longer issue late passes to students as you will be taking attendance as soon as you get to your classroom and notify parents. We will monitor students who are constantly late/absent and contact parents as well.