Male Caregivers Take Your Child to School Day A Success!

On September 25th and 26th male caregivers participated in our annual take your child to school day. We were delighted to host all caregivers at this event. Special activities were held in the gym, music room and STEAM lab.

In the gym, caregivers participated in a HIIT workout with their child. The exercise term HIIT stands for high intensity interval training. This fun but equally tiring workout is great to do no matter where you are (at the park, in your backyard or even a space in your home). Also, what’s truly amazing about this workout is there is NO equipment required; which means NO excuses. Each exercise was broken up into 30 second intervals with little to no rest in between. We started with 3 rounds of 3 exercises at 30 seconds per exercise, during the exercise fathers kept going until the timer went off. Once the 30 seconds were up, they would move on to the next exercise. The most memorable moment for me was watching the parents working out alongside their child and at points needing to put them on their back for push-ups and squats!

In the music room, caregivers delighted in music activities with their child. Everyone sang together as a group. Then the students wrote song lyrics about their favorite activity to do with their caregiver.

In the STEAM lab, everyone engaged in the Tower Power Challenge. They needed to build the tallest tower using index cards. Before building adults needed to write their hopes and wishes for their child for the year. That wish/goal card was placed at the top of the tower, reminded the children that they can SOAR and achieve greatness.

The days were successful and fun was had by all. Thank you to everyone for their participation. What a fun and successful start to this school year!