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❝Those who think they have no time for exercise will eventually have to make time for ILLNESS.❞

‒Edward Stanley

Children playing different types of sports.

Physical Education

Physical education (P.E.) is an important academic subject that teaches students to be physically active, work as a team, and set fitness goals that can last a lifetime. The fitness-based skills that students learn in P.E. is what emerging research shows is essential to learning.The goal of this physical education program is to develop a physically literate individual who has the knowledge, skills and confidence to enjoy a lifetime of healthful physical activity.

Physical education circle of various sports.

The Physical Education program at P.S. 201 creates opportunities for students to be introduced to different skills, games, and activities.The P.E. curriculum includes nontraditional activities such as cooperative games, circus arts, hitting with implements, etc. Students also get the opportunity to participate in traditional skills and games such as basketball, volleyball, etc.  Lower grade students focus on body control, spatial awareness, and basic object manipulation while upper grade students begin to apply those skills into game play.

Here at P.S. 201Q, we have many fun events throughout the school year that incorporates our physical fitness and skills.  Some events that vary from different grade levels include Field Day, sports/activity trips, and 100th Day of School.  All parents/guardians of students must fill out a Physical Education policy form to validate students participation. Students are required to wear sneakers in order to participate in Physical Education class.

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