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P.S. 201 Instructional Focus for 2021-22

Our Priorities for 2021-22

  • Ensure high expectations and rigorous instruction for every single student grounded in an asset-based mindset. We will:

    • Integrate explicit teaching of social-emotional learning in core instruction and engage students in culturally responsive, cognitively demanding tasks that require them to think and act critically, apply their new learning and prior knowledge to transform the world around them and ensure all students engage in evidence-based foundational literacy that equip them to read, write, speak and, listen deeply and critically.

    • Recognize that every student brings assets with them into the classroom and comes to us ready to learn, achieve at high levels and engage with rich, challenging content.

  • Through our laser focus on rigorous instruction, we aim to:

    • make up for students’ learning loss  

    • address the gap between SWD/ENL students and the rest of the student groups


  • Develop and strengthen a welcoming and affirming school environment. We will:

    • Implement daily relationship building practices through our integrated SEL program to foster a supportive and inclusive environment  in every classroom so that students feel safe, affirmed, and are ready to engage in joyful and rigorous learning experiences. 

    • Hold space for students, families, and staff throughout the school year, using one-on-one check-ins, restorative circles, town halls, and other strategies, in order to foster healing-centered school communities and gather feedback to continue to create, sustain, and deepen community.

    • By creating a welcoming and affirming environment, we aim to:

      • Address the social/emotional needs of students

      • Improve attendance

  • Implement inclusive curricula and assessments that center student and community voice and collaboration. 

    • Modify our curriculum to include racially, culturally, and linguistically diverse perspectives, that reflect and affirm all students’ identities, lived experiences, and cultures.

  • Engage all students in a knowledge-building approach through critical reading, writing, listening, and speaking with rich, meaningful culturally responsive grade level content, where every student sees themselves reflected in the content they are learning, has the opportunity to grow their knowledge about the world around them, and learn processes that helps them grow as learners. 

  • Integrate technology in innovative ways to enhance and extend learning and assessment. 

  • Provide ongoing and targeted professional learning for our staff and parents.

    • Foster purposeful adult learning platform to strengthen the capacity of our teachers to create welcoming and affirming environments that center students’ histories and lived experiences and make learning responsive, rigorous and relevant. We will utilize teams to critically examine data, learn together, explore new approaches, and take risks.

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