A Word from the Principal


Umit Serin



Dear PS 201Q Families/Guardians,

We miss seeing your children in person each and every day. However, we are now looking forward to seeing them virtually! Although there may be some technical difficulties in the beginning, we are confident that we will work through these together.

Your child’s teacher will take attendance daily, based on the completion of their work and/or a virtual check in. Your child’s teacher will also contact you or your child about a time they will be available in real time. As a school, we will be using Google Classroom as the platform for remote learning.

If possible, we would like you and your child to try to log into their account today, so that if there are any issues logging in, we can sort them out before remote learning begins on Monday.  Your child is not expected to complete any work until Monday, March 23rd.  We just want them to log in.

There are quite a lot of steps to sign in for the first time, but after you complete these steps, logging in and completing daily tasks is a lot easier.  The system will take some getting used to (both for families and for teachers!). However, as you and your child get used to it, we want to assure you that it will become a lot less daunting.  


For directions on using Google Classroom, use the resources below:


NOTE: Upon entering Google Classroom, children may already see news and assignments that their teacher has posted for Monday.  Some teachers have scheduled this material to appear Monday morning. Children may look at any posted materials but are not required to submit any work until they receive further guidance from their teacher(s).

If you are unable to log in, you may email your child’s teacher. You can find your child’s teacher’s DOE email under his or her name on the "Our Faculty and Staff" pages of the website.


Students, congratulations!  You are now ready for remote learning on Monday!  On Monday morning, you will log into Google Classroom and click on your homeroom page to get your lessons and assignments for the day. Your teacher will give you instructions about what to do.  They will also be available to help you if you run into any difficulties.

Families, please note that students are not expected to be on their electronic device all day. In fact, we encourage them to exercise, engage in play, in the arts, and have social experiences, while maintaining social distancing.


Members of the school community will be checking in via phone calls and emails on a regular basis. We are here to support you! 


Please visit on our “Remote Learning” page on our school website to learn about Google Classroom, as well as all the other online programs we will be offering while our school building is closed. We will keep adding resources onto the “Remote Learning” page on our school website on a regular basis. Stay tuned!


Stay safe and well!

Umit Serin,