SLT Members 

Princess Dillon (PTA)

Jessica Rodriguez

Yevonne Killebrew

Dashanna Mitchell

Parent Members

Staff Members

Umit Serin (Principal)

Joyce Heskial (Assistant Principal)

Alanna Rice (UFT)

Leila Yang

Josephine Ricciardi

Upcoming SLT Meeting

October 29, 2019

School Leadership Team

School Leadership Teams (SLTs) are committees made up of parents, teachers and administration. They help develop school policies. The also ensure that school resources support the execution of those policies. School Leadership Teams help with the assessment of a school’s educational programs. They help with judging the educational programs’ effects on student achievement.

School Leadership Teams play an important role in school-based decision making. They help shape the path to a collaborative school culture.

All New York City Public schools must have a School Leadership Team. This is a New York State Education Law (Section 2590-h.)

There are guidelines to the formation of School Leadership Teams. These guidelines are found in the Chancellor’s Regulations (A-655, CR A-655.)

SLT Meeting Dates, Agendas and Minutes 2019-2020

At PS 201, our meetings are held once a month. The meetings are held in our school library. Meetings begin at 4:00pm.

Below are SLT meeting dates for the 2019-2020 school year:

Agenda September 24, 2019

Agenda October 29, 2019 

Agenda November 26, 2019 

Agenda December 17, 2019 

Agenda January 28, 2020 

Agenda February 25, 2020

Agenda March 24, 2020 

Agenda April 28, 2020 

Agenda May 26, 2020 

Agenda June 16, 2020 

​Minutes September 24, 2019

Minutes October 29, 2019

Minutes November 26, 2019

Minutes December 17, 2019

Minutes January 28, 2020

Minutes February 25, 2020

Minutes March 24, 2020

Minutes April 28, 2020

Minutes May 26, 2020

Minutes June 16, 2020

SLT Meeting Minutes 2018-2019

Below are minutes from past SLT meetings:

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