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PS 201 Q STEAM MAGNET SCHOOL from Calderon on Vimeo.

*Please note that the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony is tentatvie and will likely be moved to the end of September.


This video was created by Creative Learning Systems, the company that constructed our STEAM SmartLab and Broadcast Studio.

P.S. 201 Q is a Federal Magnet School for STEAM We are excited to offer a full STEAM education to all of our students. Through this funding we have constructed many special learning spaces for all of our students.  Some of the exciting school upgrades our students will benefit from are a STEAM SmartLab, a Broadcast Studio, Technology Lab, Robotics & K'nex Classroom Carts, STEAM Classroom Carts, Pre-K STEAM Carts and updated laptop and ipad carts.  Our school is like no other in New York City, on the frontline of mainstreaming STEAM education into all of our classrooms! 

What is a STEAM SmartLab? This is a fully-integrated learning environment where everything from the furniture and technology to curriculum and assessment work together to support hands-on, minds-on learning.  It's a place where personalized learning and intrinsic motivation engage students of all ages, interests and abilities. In our STEAM SmartLab, learners apply a wide-range of technologies to projects that matter to them personally and academically. Authentic assessment and meaningful reflection happen everyday as students create ePortfolios to document and present their learning. Students explore, problem-solve, collaborate, create, and learn!  

Engaging STEAM Education for ALL Learners We know that we live in a world where science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) play a critical role in every job, every home, and every aspect of advanced learning.  The integration of STEAM disciplines is critical for all students, not just those who are naturally proficient in math and science. Our STEAM program engages a broad range of student interests and abilities. Learning is truly personalized, individualized, differentiated and relevant to the interests and experiences of each and every student. 

Creating College and Career Ready Students with STEAM Success in college and the modern workplace also requires that students master next generation skills including: communication, collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving, information literacy and adaptability. Walk into our school and you'll see students buzzing with energy and enthusiasm. It's a learning community where the teacher is a Facilitator and students take responsibility for their learning.  Autonomy is encouraged. Collaboration is the norm. Challenges are celebrated as a path to mastery. It's everything learning was meant to be. Our STEAM program engages learners as they apply technoloy to projects of their own design.  As they work on their projects, they build academic connections and develop next generation skills.  Whether students are exploring robotics, coding, websites, video broadcasts, circuitry, or structures they're developing critical thinking skills.  They're solving problems, collaborating, learning valuable project and time management skills as well as reflecting, communicating, and presenting their projects and their learning. Our students are building skills, knowledge and interest critical for college and career success.

Interested in taking a tour? contact Joanna Smith and Nicole Marini at (718)359-0620 or via email at STEAM@ps201.org to schedule your visit.

Kindergarten Application Period Still open Families can submit an application online or over the phone by calling (718)935-2009 or in person at a Family Welcome Center.  All applications submitted by the January 12, 2018 deadline will be treated equally according to schools' admissions priorities and will receive a kindergarten offer in March.

 P.S. 201 Q is "Well-Developed"and proud of it! Our teachers and staff work very hard to make sure our students get the very best education and it shows. Click here to read our Quality Review Report from the New York City Department of Education.

pic_DentalVisit.jpgDentists visit P.S. 201 Q to provide our students will a full dental screening. Click here to view the news clip featured on NY1 News about the event. 

Ballroom Dancing is a wonderful enrichment program that fourth grade students participated in.  Many of our students went the extra mile and actually completed! Kudos to all of our fourth graders for a job well done! You can view the video montage of the Dancing Classrooms experience by clicking here.


Let's�Recycle! At P.S. 201 EVERY DAY is EARTH DAY. Did you know that P.S. 201 has several recycling programs in which you could also participate? Click here to learn more!


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Feature Video: STEAM Smart Lab

P.S. 201 STEAM SmartLab from Calderon on Vimeo.


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